Expertise & Advocacy

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We educate and inform.

FIZ takes topics arising from its counseling work and brings them to the public. We inform professionals, politicians and the general public about issues concerning the trafficking of women and the situation of sex workers.


FIZ provides expertise and information for:
  • Employees of federal, cantonal and municipal authorities, professionals in social and medical institutions, as well as international organizations and NGOs.
  • Politicians and media professionals.
  • Students and schoolchildren.
Members of the public interested in social policy.


FIZ develops and conducts further education and professional training programs.

In the further education programs, we explain marginalization and exploitation mechanisms, and demonstrate approaches for recognizing and improving the protection of those affected by the trafficking in women/human trafficking. Professional training courses include practical exercises for concrete situations in your everyday professional life. Further education and professional training programs are designed to meet the needs of the client.

We are available to give presentations and participate in panel discussions on the topics of trafficking in women and sex work.

We bring our expertise to the table.

FIZ provides comments on legislative proposals and official reports. We inform politicians on current developments. We contribute to cantonal round tables against human trafficking, federal working groups, and national and international civil society networks. We develop background and educational materials on the topics of trafficking in women and sex work.

We are available for interviews and discussions with media professionals on issues concerning trafficking in women and sex work.


FIZ Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking

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