About FIZ

FIZ Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking advocates for the protection and rights of migrant women who are survivors of violence and exploitation. To this end, the organization runs the Counseling Center for Migrant Women and the more specialized Makasi – Counseling and Support Services for Victims of Trafficking in Women. FIZ also works on the educational and policy fronts.

Association and advocacy center

FIZ is organized as an association. The Board of Directors consists of five women who act in an unpaid capacity. They are responsible for the strategic direction of the society. The senior management of FIZ consists of an executive director and four senior managers. They are responsible for the organizational direction of the advocacy center.

A team of 24 women provides counselling to migrant woman. We also provide counselling, intervention, and safe housing to women who are affected by trafficking. FIZ staff members offer training for professionals, raise awareness among the general public, advocate for the rights of migrant women at the political level, and manage administrative tasks.


FIZ is an independent NGO. The organizations listed below are sponsors who have committed to an annual contribution to FIZ in the amount of 5,000 - 20,000 Swiss francs and who morally support the objectives of FIZ.


FIZ is supported by a number of different income sources, allowing the organization to remain independent and giving it a strong voice.
56% of the income is derived from services provided to victims of trafficking in women, as contracted by various cantons as well as the city of Zurich, the FDFA’s Department of Human Security, and the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).
24% is financed by donations from individuals, foundations, parishes and companies. 10% is contributed by our members and sponsorship institutions, as well as by a subsidy from the Canton of Zurich. A further 10% are earmarked contributions, including a grant from Fedpol and contributions from the Bulgarian-Swiss project. Important funders in 2016 were foundations such as Avina Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, and Ferster Stiftung, the Lottery Fund of the Canton of Zurich, the Oak Foundation, Swisslos Fund Basel-Landschaft, and Volkart Vision.

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