Counseling for Migrant Women

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We support migrant women.
Confidentially and free of charge.

The aim of our counseling work is to strengthen the self-determination and rights of migrant women. We support them in defending themselves against exploitation and violence, asserting their rights and interests, and finding their way out of difficult situations. Our counseling services are confidential and free of charge. 


We advise migrant women who:
  • are affected by violence or exploitation – in the private sphere, at work or elsewhere;
  • have residency problems or are dependent on someone due to their residency permit;
  • work in the erotic industry – as sex workers, cabaret dancers, porn actresses, etc.
Our services are aimed at migrant women in the Canton of Zurich, but we make an effort to arrange appropriate counseling services for inquiries coming from neighboring cantons (triage).


We provide information on:
  • residency rights, employment law, marriage/divorce law, victim support rights;
  • the legal framework concerning sex work in Switzerland.
We support women in:
  • finding viable solutions in difficult situations;
  • asserting their interests and legal rights;
  • contacting offices, authorities, employers, landlords, social security services, and other bodies.
We network with:
  • other consulting centers and support services;
  • experienced layers, doctors, psychologists and other professionals.
We speak German, English, Spanish and French, and work with translators for counseling services in other languages.


FIZ Advocacy and Support for Migrant Women and Victims of Trafficking

Hohlstrasse 511
8048 Zurich
044 436 90 00